Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lake Quilt a Long #11

Anyone still looking for the Free Fall Pattern from my turn on 1 Sept. - then click on the box.


 Hello and Welcome to the Lake Quilt a Long

Today sees our second last block - #11

This is really the home stretch now....

Our photos are the hard work of Karin Pope of the UK. Thanks so much for everything.
This is also all her hard work with the making of the quilt too.
Its really beautiful work. Thanks Karin!

After cutting out your pattern pieces and joining the larger ones together, you can lay them out on your desk or wherever you work and do the necessary writing down which colours you would like to use where.

Remember to match up the colours used for the previous weeks.

Now you can either cut strips and pieces of fabrics or you can just have them handy.
I don't really cut my strips and pieces for each template like this, but I do cut 2 - 3" strips or even 4" strips of fabrics and then cut a chunk off that as I would need it.
Up to You! Just as you like to get yourself organized....

Now we sew up our pieces.....

This is a close up of one of the ducks on the water. They have to be that small for the sake of perspective in the whole picture.

Once they're all done, you can join your pieces together to form the week 11 block.

This is a close up of the edge of the lake

Here we have our completed Week 11 block

Its gorgeous!

 We won't sew our week 11 block to the rest just yet, its only one week left and then to join everything together.



There is a Flickr group for Quilt Art Designs where you can link up a photo of your Lake or even Forest Quilt and we can all see the progress being made. Thanks.
Look on the right side info bar of the blog and click on the Flickr button.

 ** If you missed the previous weeks blog posts on how we put it all together, you can find them in the Art Quilt page - under the image of the Forest or the Lake. Each of the 12 weeks will also be posted there for others who will make their quilt a little later....


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