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'Lil Catz Quilt A Long Start up!!

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'Lil Catz Quilt A Long!

Hello and Welcome to the 'Lil Catz Along!

What can I say - I love catz and kittens too...

In the past few months we've made 2 huge art quilts and generated quite a few pieces of scrap fabrics.
Now we get to use them all up!

Our 'Lil Catz will oversee all the sweet pieces you've saved and make sure they're in good ...err paws...

This was Mr Frank - who died very recently, and as you all can tell, we all here at home miss him being around and listening to his really loud purring.

Our Plan:
To make 1 block a day for the next 9 days (you can make more if you want to!) and just generally have some fun!

By the 18 September we will be having a Catz Show where you can all show off your 'lil catz and then on the 25 September we will be having a Catz-travaganza where you can show off your finished mini quilts or larger sized quilts with your 'Lil Catz blocks.

I hope you have a load of fun - the pattern is dead easy and each block measures 8" (20 cm)
No fixed colour on the fabrics.

Pattern can be found here:

The Tutorial:

My friend Jan from Australia (from Sew Surprising) has kindly made up a tutorial with photos and sewn the blocks for all of you to see and to follow for our Catz Along.
Thanks so much! You're too kind!

Let's start making some Catz

I have printed out all 9 patterns as well as assembling my tools of trade ;) We all have different ways of paper piecing this is what I have found works for me.
The idea of the postcard is what I use to fold over the lines and when used with an add a quarter ruler and my trusty rotary cutter, I'm yet to be disappointed.

Janeen's Catz pattern is lovely and easy and its simplified with shading etc. For me I like to make sure I don't make any goof ups so I do label my parts, background, * and an S for solid. If your doing paper piecing for the first time there is just one simple rule that will help with the process, on the piece marked 1 its  your starting point, "wrong side to wrong side is how I begin", this is a little verse I mutter to myself, so you place the wrong side of your fabric to the un-printed side of your pattern piece, add a pin and your off and running.  

I drop my stitches back to 2.2 this is a personal preference and I find it does depend on your choice of paper. You will be into a rhythm, the sections are being completed in quick time.

Given I'm an iron over user, I always press my piece when I finish it, and then move onto adding my next piece, and I always press the piece of fabric before I stitch, its a lot of iron use but its a personnel choice.

 When you trim up your pieces you have the unbroken lines which you will see are a quarter of an inch make sure you cut on this instead of the solid darker black lines.  

 *You may find you have larger pieces of fabric left as you trim and when you finish each section. I have a large box that sits on my table and I pop these pieces in, then at the end of a project I do need to add to it but I make up string blocks, in a way I get bang for my buck and no fabric wastage :)

When you have all your pieces done, its time to join them. I put my stitch back to 2.5 and you guess it I press each piece to be joined, find it holds better and eliminates pins, again its what works for you :) Some press their seams open, I'm a press to the side gal. 

Having made some of these Catz the other week, I chose too remove the paper, gave them a good press, I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to pressing  hahahaha.

When I joined them I used my 1/4" foot, if you want you can leave the paper on and join your blocks that way, a walking foot would make that a breeze.

My Catz are going to have a bit of a retro/vintage look to them.

I'm sure you enjoyed doing the first one, remember there are no rules for colours or prints, if you have a scrap basket that is looking a bit too healthy then why not do some scrappy Catz. 

 (Aren't these just the sweetest catz?? I LOVE them!)

If you need any help just ask as paper piecing is fun and not nearly as scary as some might think :)
You can always email me if you have any questions:  sewsurprising(at)hotmail(dot)com

Now it's up to you ladies.... Show us what you can do!

** Winner for our Friday Link Up - Link #3 
(let me know which pattern - value up to $5 and I will send you off the PDF)
Thanks to everyone for linking up!

Have a Lovely Monday!

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elnorac said...

Love this pattern! Jan's cat blocks are adorable, and the tutorial is excellent!

beaquilter said...

the cats are great and so different!

Vanda Chittenden said...

Oh! I am link 3, please can I have the Lil catz pattern? Thanks for the prize.

Janeen van Niekerk said...

Vanda, I need you to send me an email with your email address or I can't send the prize....

Vanda Chittenden said...

Thanks Janeen, sent an email.
I love you eq7 fall week 1 design, really nice. Have printed the pattern, and will be starting on it soon.

Sew Surprising said...

I just need to sew mine together and Im done :) These guys are really fun to make and a smidge addictive if Im honest :)

Joan Wintersgill said...

I just emailed you my finished top!