Wednesday, 9 December 2015

WIP Wednesday

Now that all the Penguins have had their parade, we can get back to some of the other blocks for December.

Today we are looking at our Bitty Blocks (4" - 10 cm) for December.

This block is really very straight forward and you can play around with the colours if you want your block looking a little different.

As a group of 3x3 (12") they make a cute block.

You could make them all different and have your own home grown mushrooms.....

I've taken all the other month's bitty blocks down from my Craftsy shop and in January some time, I'll collect them all together and make an EBook from them. It works out better for me to only have one available at a time. My shop is sooooo full of patterns that I've started taking some of the very old patterns off to make more room.

The free pattern can be downloaded 
from the Bitty Block Page.


Thank you to everyone who always pops in and leaves a positive and encouraging comment.
I really appreciate you all.

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