Monday, 25 January 2016


Hello to all of you

Wow, only a week to go and we start the Art Quilt QAL - Honey Bees....

Ive started to gather pieces of fabrics that I like - so I'm hoping it turns out great. I don't have small children in the house any more, so Im probably going to donate this quilt once it's done.

Are you joining in?
Honey Bees Info HERE


Ive had to change my Koi Fish Wall Hanging pattern because another quilter emailed me and said it was too close to hers and I must remove mine ....

 so I took the step back and decided that I'll change mine - all okay. Ive added more fish and a few lily pads and its back in Craftsy with a new look.
Some things are just not worth the fight.

This is where I got my idea from...
a mosaic I made for a small table top in 2008...
Just minus their shadows


What have I got on the plate today?

A small Hexi (around 6 or 7") - its not really part of anything. I found it amongst my files and decided to add it to the GDrive for anyone who's interested.

Download the PDF here

 Made in Taupe fabrics or even brighter fabrics - it turns out great. Im going to be turning them into mug rugs for my desk.

I hope you have fun making yours


 Thanks for stopping by!


Jodie Tawn said...

I do like your hexagon!
How silly about the wall hanging, is there not enough sewing people in the world for it not to matter if two people have independently had a similar idea?
I am now 10 sections into Tower Bridge - slowly slowly but hopefully be finished by the time you release the February pattern :-)

Lori Smanski said...

I am so loving your cute bees. i really love your koi. yup some things are not worth the fight. thanks for sharing

Steffi said...

Danke Janeen,
für diese schöne Hexi Anleitung!
Liebe Grüße

Casey York said...

I am the designer who complained about Janeen's Koi wall hanging. Please have a look at my original here:, and note that her silhouettes are identical to the ones I hand-drew. This was not a matter of a similar idea--it was a matter of my original artwork. As my copyright is not held by myself but my publisher, I was contractually obligated to bring this to her attention.