Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Honey Bee Art Quilt Week #3

 Today we work on our Week #3 piece of the
Honey Bees Art Quilt

Cut out your templates and arrange them onto the desk in front of you.
Write the colour codes or names onto each section.

I dug in my stash for as many yellow colour fabrics I could find and then had them all line up in light, medium, dark and so on - so that I could play around with the body and head colours.

Once my sections were done, I sew the larger portions together
 This is our Week #3 little Bee head finished.
So Cute!

You can join the Week 3 to the Week 2 if you want to - I'm just waiting for his legs and then I'll join the pieces together.

Its just that I can't manage the large pieces with my small sewing area....

Need to find a better solution.......SOON!!

And there you have it! Not a lot to get done, but totally worth it!

Magazine news....

These 12 blocks are the new April magazine patterns.
Our theme is going to be PETS.....

Can I email you
 (my magazine sewing buddies) for some sewing help??

I hope you all have loads of fun sewing your Art Quilt together.

If you would still like to join us then -
Honey Bees Info HERE


 Thanks for stopping by!

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Lisa Marie said...

Looks like the new magazine is going to be fabulous!