Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Honey Bee Art Quilt Week #4

Already the first month has now passed on our Honey Bees Art Quilt.
We're up to Week #4 and by now everyone has the hang of putting the Art Quilt together.

There aren't a lot of pieces this week, so you should get it all done pretty quickly.

Join up the pieces with tape by matching them to their corresponding numbers and then arrange them out onto the desk in front of you.

Once I get a good visual of which piece goes where and which joins up with its chums, then I write the colours onto the sections.

I make each of the sections first before starting to join them all together.

Here you can see I've started to join the sections and then join the bigger sections to the middle piece and ...... then its done!!

The finished little bee's body.
Week #4 is finished.
Now you can join it to Week #3 and then the week 2 and week 3 together as well to get the full length of the Honey Bee quilt.

The Finished little Honey Bee and Queen Bee are now done.

I hope you all have loads of fun sewing your Art Quilt together.

If you would still like to join us then -
Honey Bees Info HERE


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Janine said...

I can't wait to see this when it's all finished. The whole paper piecing thing is very confusing to me but I love the outcome.