Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Round-Up

and welcome to another....

Paper Piecing Round Up

Link up all your paper piecing amazing-ness and lets all ooooh and aaaaah!!!

These are some of the many commissions Ive been working on
People really love their dogs.....

 This is a Vizsla (had to look that one up....) and a Chocolate Labrador.....

2 Adorable Collies, a very alert Foxy and a Norwegian Elkhound (also had to look that one up...) 

aaah and a rather sweet black Labrador with his favourite toy...

Now its your turn....

Is there anyone who has made the Crow pattern?? I really need a photo of the completed block. Thanks.


Shaun the Sheep says:

"don't forget - there's a sheep special going on at the moment
For every Counting Sheep pattern featuring Hugh-Bert the Sheep you will get a 'Lil Lamb pattern FREE..."

Pattern in my Craftsy Shop...



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Sew Surprising said...

Looks as if dogs are super popular in the pet department :)