Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lighthouse QAL Week #4

Its our Week #4 of the Light House QAL
Our quilt top is really starting to take shape now

Lets get started:

Once all your pieces are cut out and then stuck together with their corresponding numbers, you can arrange them onto your desk or work area to get a good visual of what you're doing.
This way makes your brain look for groups that will easily fit together in straight lines.

The colour codes show which fabrics are up to bat...

 This is a photo of the pieces A, B and C
A and B are sewn together but they are not equal length.
Once they are together, sew them to C

 Here is my finished section. The light in my office is not great, and it was raining (jumping up and down with joy!!) so my photo has some dark areas. Not to worry, once its all done, I'll get my son to photograph it for me.

This is my quilt top so far...
This week doesn't get sewn to the rest of the quilt yet. We will do pieces 5 and 6 first.

The only thing that I'm not really happy with on mine is the green in the top right corner. The design shows a tuquoise blue-ish colour, but Im rather going to change that to a light grey or even repeat the pink in that area.

If you would still love to join us - GREAT! you're more than welcome


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KMTrott said...

I'm really enjoying this QAL :)