Monday, 11 April 2016

Mystery Block April

It's time for our Mystery Block....

By now you will have one completed row for your calendar quilt.

The middle.... what to do about the middle....
The block in the middle will measure 20"
If we are making one block a month for the year, when should we make our middle block??

When do you think you will have the time for the large middle block?

Today we are busy with our #4 = April in the "Symbolic Calendar" blocks.

This was March's block - a sweet Crocus in the snow.....

The blocks are FREE and you can download them immediately from GDrive as a PDF.
Download #4 block HERE

I also have a Mystery Block page where I will keep all the old mystery blocks and quick links to the patterns that you might have missed.

A link up button will also be added to the page where you are welcome to send me a photo of your finished mystery blocks or add them to the Flickr Group page


Shaun the Sheep says:

"don't forget - there's a sheep special going on at the moment
For every Counting Sheep pattern featuring Hugh-Bert the Sheep you will get a 'Lil Lamb pattern FREE..."

Pattern in my Craftsy Shop...


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beaquilter said...

fun! i'm guessing umbrella

CJolly said...

So am I, BeaQuilter. :)

I say August is a good month for the larger block?