Thursday, 2 June 2016

June Beg Block of the Month

Hello and Welcome
to another of our
Beginner Block of the Month chats...

June sees 2 blocks that need to be made and they're really easy.

Block #1


Once you have cut out the pattern pieces and joined them together with their corresponding numbers, you can lay them out in front of you to get a good visual of what needs to be done.

It doesn't matter which piece gets sewn first, as long as they're all done and then the joining process follows.

Block #2

The second block has a few more pieces to the pattern but is still very easy to construct.

Only the smaller centre blocks have more than one piece to them. The others are all once piece sections that you can use a pin to secure to the paper while you cut it the right size.

All Done !!


By now we have 9 blocks and they're starting to come together nicely. 
I haven't decided on a layout yet.

The patterns are Free for June
 You can find it in my Craftsy shop.

There is a BOM page button on the right of the blog where you will find all the block of the month information. On each of these I will add the pattern with quick links too.


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