Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ribbons QAL Week #2

 Hello to everyone joining me for this super easy quick scraps buster project.
We're already doing Week #2 of our Ribbons Quilt A Long and is easy enough for a beginner who has an understanding of paper piecing.

Week #2 - you will need pattern pieces L - R
Cut them out and stick them together with their corresponing numbers.

A word on these corresponding numbers - 
Although I love this software and feel it gives the best info to you to sew your project together, there is one thing that I feel I can jump up and down like a child having a tantrum - then its these damn corresponding numbers.
The software chooses where to break the piece that is too big for the page and puts them on some random page where he finds it will fit.
That would be fine IF...they were all marked...... You will find that some of the pattern pieces have NO marking and NO number with only a "Stick to corresponding piece #50" = these are the pieces that make me crazy.

All I can suggest and it's what I do - is that when you come across these No number pieces, you take them out and keep them all on one side. When Im busy trying to figure out the puzzle of pieces and then its - "I need piece #50" then I look in my "lost boys" pile and its usually in there.
I hope this helps. I really can't make it better or change the software.....

 Once you find your pieces and join them together, you can begin with sewing your piece.
Piece R was so big, that I had to do it on its own and then join it to the rest of the pieces at the end.

Note: Piece M8 shows the colour code of '27' and will join on with piece N6 but that shows colour code of '28' and it should really be '27'. 
So, make a note for yourself on piece N6 that it needs to be the same as you have made the M8 piece.

 Once your piece for Week 2 is done, you can join it to the Week 1 piece.

This is our finished 1 & 2. Really going together quickly.

I wanted to show you the piece from Week #1 sent to me by my friend Karin Pope from the UK.

The dark background is fabulous. It makes those colours really stand out.

Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!

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