Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Start of Ribbons QAL

 Hi there everyone...
 Today is the start of our  
Ribbons Art Quilt Quilt a Long....

It's going to be 6 weeks long and its on the Easy Level.
If you are a beginner who understands paper piecing, then you will manage this quilt.

Size: 38 x 52" (130x90cm)

 Whatever colour you choose, this one looks great in them all...
You can use up all those stash colours that never see the sunlight, or just use up some scraps.
For the background colour I have 1 meter (around 1 yard) and the rest I have 30cm (12") strips that I will cut down to 3 and 4" strips.

 I decided to make mine the red and turquoise with a white background (because I have a hoarders stash of those colours). I found 10 different reds and 10 different blue and green turquoise colours. Each has a Red 1-10 and Blue 1-10 code so I arranged them on the top part of my desk with a peg to hold them.

There's no specific order to how they came to be one or six, its all just random.

I also took the front page picture of the pattern and wrote onto it which ribbon I want what colour and that was really random as well. I named them B1 for blue #1 or R6 for red #6 in the lineup.

I'm using this white with a small leaf pattern also in white for my background. No idea where its from, its just white and I liked it....

I cut it into 4" (10cm) strips to make it easier for me to handle.
 Week #1: 
You need pieces A - K

I cut out my pattern pieces, stuck them with tape to their corresponding numbers and arranged them onto the desk so that I could get a good visual of what needed to be done.

This was only the one half of the pattern, I needed space to work on too....
I wrote onto my pieces where the R1 and B4 etc would be according to my own plan I made.
The pattern has colour code boxes on it that shows the white background and colour pieces. You can do whatever pleases you.... no problem.

Second half of the Week #1 pattern piece.

Done the same to this piece and then started to join everything together.

 This was the top and bottom and then the piece that will join over both sections.

Now all that needs doing is joining them all together. Make sure to match up the pieces where you can see the ribbon joins in the next piece.

This is my Week #1 finished. Im already loving this!!

I hope you'll join me for this cute and quick (and easy) quilt. Mine is going to make a fantastic lap quilt for the icy cold evenings in front of the TV.
Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!


SandraC said...

Cool! I am so tempted to join in, but I'm already maxed out for quilt-alongs!

the zen quilter said...

It really is a cute piece. I like the look of it a lot. Never thought of paper piecing something like that. Very cool.

Esther Aliu said...

This looks like a lot of fun!