Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ribbons Quilt A Long Week #5

 Hi there!
Today were cracking on with the Ribbons Quilt A Long. Its already week #5 and the second last piece. Almost done!!

You can see here on the weekly chart we have a larger piece to finish, but really not difficult  to sew, so on we go!!

I forgot to take a photo before I started sewing, but I divided mine into 2 large sections and it really went quickly.

Write onto the sections which colour you'll be using and that's about as hard as it will get.

As you can see I don't iron my seams open. I push the seam to one side where it feels like a good fit and yank out the paper in the bulky seam and push it down until it listens....

Here we have Week #5 finished...

You can also go ahead and sew it to week 4. Im going to wait until week 6 to attach the piece and then sew the two large sections of the quilt top together.

This is my quilt top I have on my design wall. Really loving the colour scheme on this one.

My friend Karin Pope from the UK sent me a photo of her Ribbons quilt. She has already finished her top and added a border too. The black background is really amazing. It brings out all those colours so well. Thanks Karin, I love it!!

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