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Noah's Ark Quilt

Today we're discussing the
Noah's Ark Quilt Week 6 and Week 7

The only reason I need to combine these 2 weeks together is because I drew lines on the design to make sections and it seems that Week 6 has a piece that extends into Week 7, so now Im going to combine them as one large piece.

For Week 6&7 you will need pattern pieces CB - CP & DI to DX.

Join the pieces to their corresponding number piece either with tape or glue. You will need to be careful if you used tape not to iron onto those pieces because it sticks to the iron. If you used glue, just make sure it's dry before sewing.

 Once you have made the section you can leave it one side to start on Week 7's section of the Ark

I just love these Geese!!

For Week 7's section you will make the cute Panda face and the monkey's arms and tail.

Now you will be able to join the sections together to form a more 'understandable' section....

NOTE: the piece CF's numbering should rather start at #5 and work 6 and 7 before sewing #1.

These photo's belong to Ulrike Brandl of Germany. They really are so lovely. Thanks so much for letting us all see your quilt in progress.

Once you have finished the pieces for Week 6 and Week 7 you  can sew it to the pieces from Week 4 and Week 5. Already starting to look Fantastic!!

Here I would like to show another amazing Noah's Ark quilt.

This one is being sewn together by Sunitha Pilli of the USA.

Just look at those vibrant solid fabrics. Really amazing!

Thanks for showing us your progress too. Its really beautiful!.


If you would like to join us for the Noah's Ark QAL
** The pattern can be found here and there is no charge for joining in...


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