Monday, 24 October 2016

Noah's Ark Quilt A Long

 Today I'm finishing up with the
Noah's Ark Quilt A Long.

Our beautiful photos are from Ulrike Brandl of Germany. Thanks so much for letting us see them and especially from me for letting me use them here on the blog.

This is Section 13 - a Zebra peeking out of a porthole.

Section 14 - Mr Noah and the second Monkey

Section 15 - The dove with the green branch

Section 16 and 17 - The waves

Once the sections are finished you can start joining them all together.

 This forms the bottom half of the Noah's Ark art quilt.
I love those waves!!
Now to join it to the top half and complete the quilt top.

  This is the finished quilt from Ulrike Brandl.

I love it so much!

Well Done Ulrike!!

This is the bottom half of the Noah's Ark sewn by Sunitha Pilli of the USA. Thanks for your photos. I love this quilt just as much! I feel as if I need to hug it....

Have a Great Monday!

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