Monday, 17 October 2016

Noah's Ark Week 11 & 12

 Its Noah's Ark time again.....

We're already busy with the bottom half of the Ark where the waves are more dominant.

I need to finish the discussions on the Ark by the end of the month  -  so -  today we'll be discussing the weeks 11 and 12

As usual our amazing photos belong to
Ulrike Brandl of Germany.
I love the colours she has chosen for her waves. The darker fabric has small little fishes - really cute!

For week 11 you will need the pattern pieces: FM - FS

 For the waves there are about 3 to 4 different colours in "sort of turquoise" colours. You are welcome to change them up just as you like.

For Week 12 you will need pattern
pieces: FT - GC

Once both sections are finished you can join them to make the large corner piece.

And here is our finished Week 11 & 12 sections... Beautiful!

Quick link to the Noah's Ark Pattern

Share your work with us on the Flickr group. Button on the right side bar. Thanks.


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 ** tomorrow we do our Mystery Blocks

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