Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Block of the Month December

Today we're finishing off with our Block of the Month Adventures....

Thanks for sticking it out over the past year, I hope you have had as much fun as I have and tried a few of the blocks.

Our beginner block of the month has worked through getting to know paper piecing and becoming more confident in putting  blocks together and I'm hoping that a few of you will now move on to some of the more intermediate blocks too.

This was our block plan for the Beginner BOM this year and we've managed to finish them all off in time. My initial idea was to make something that was in Taupe colours with a bright accent colour added for a little pop.

Our Beginner Block for December:

The pattern is FREE and available in my Craftsy Shop.

I hope you enjoy sewing this block as much as all the others.


Our Wanderlust BOM for 2016 has also come down to the last block...

I hope you have all enjoyed your trip around the world with me and have sewn your blocks  to make either great pillows, wall hangings or part of an interesting quilt.

This last block is just as great as the others - we're in Canada! 
Our block is of the Toronto City Skyline with the CN Tower.

Our block measures 18" (47cm) and is FREE for December. 
I'll make the whole lot into an EBook in January.

Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Our block was made by Kathy Trott of Canada. Thanks so much! These photos and the finished block is really amazing! 
 I love the fabric swatch plan that you used and the idea of keeping the photo close on your iPad while you're doing the planning is genius... I will be doing that from now on too...

 Once you've planned your block, you can lay the pieces of the pattern out in front of you - it really does give you a good visual of what you're doing and how the pieces will join together.

The block has opportunity to use up those fabrics that show off the glittering lights in the buldings...

This is Kathy's finished block.
Mind Blowing beautiful!

and that is it!
Finished with BOM for 2016...

Next year it seems we're going to be doing the Wild Babies starting on 2 January 2017.

I won't have another Beginner BOM - I will EBook the current Beginner BOM and have it available for those who would like to give it a 'try'.

I hope you enjoyed your trip and have made it safely back home in time for the Festive Season.


Have a Great Day!


KMTrott said...

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your Wanderlust patterns. I have to be honest and say I only managed to get two of them done (January and December). The Tower Bridge is hanging in my front entry (in Canada) and the CN Tower (thank you for the kind words in your post) is hanging in my stairwell (also in Canada). I would like to get the Venice block done, to hang on the wall on 'this' side of the Pond, as Venice holds a warm spot in my heart. But, as you are no doubt aware there are soooooo many projects and soooooo little time. :) Looking forward to Wild Babies! Cheers and thanks again Janeen for all of your hard work.

Lori said...

Thank you so very much for all your hard work putting together Wanderlust. It has been fun going around the world to different spots. I really look forward to all the Wild Babies you will be coming up with. You are a wonderful artist in your own right. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Tutti i blocchi del mondo molto belli e spero di farne almeno uno prima possibile (ma altri progetti in fase di finitura) e adorabili i blocchi BOM da cui spero fare un quilt per lettino. Grazie, grazie e ancora grazie per tutto quello che fai per noi. E l'appuntamento per il 2 gennaio 2017 con l'augurio per te e tutti quelli che leggono di buone festività e un anno nuovo di salute serenità e tanto tanto lavoro patchwork. Silvana Italia

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool block for the beginner's BOM. Thank you! I love the photo you showed of Kathy's finish. That is truly amazing and way beyond me, but I love seeing it.