Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Landscape Quilt A Long

Hello to everyone...

We finally have a faster internet connection, so I can post about the upcoming

Quilt A Long

Our first row is the one with the Baobab trees and the mountains...

The row measures:
12x40" (31x129cm)
Intermediate level.

We will be going on a really slow pace on this Quilt A Long so you will have more than enough time to complete your rows along with everyone.

Please join me!

We officially will start it off on the 2nd of February and work on our rows from there. I will be posting a weekly update on what's going on too. You're also more than welcome to send me photos to show everyone of your progress too or you can link them to the Flickr group page. Button for flickr is on the right side bar.

I'm adding the first row pattern to Craftsy already so that you can get your fabrics ready....
Im so eager to start on this one!!

For more info you can go to the page - just find the button on the right side bar.

Quick link to my Craftsy Shop


Marian said...

Just bought my pattern.. I'm sew sew super excited!!! :)

Joan Wintersgill said...

I'm in!

Tammy said...

Thanks for showing us your colours,and how you organize them; that is super helpful to me.

dq said...

I really love this one and am considering joining.

dq said...

Janeen, I just absolutely LOVE your work! I am dying over your bottom row and will be purchasing it when it comes out. I am going to bypass the quiltalong because I have too much going on, but I love it!

Several years ago I created a group of great quilters who formed a "sliced quilt" group. We each found a picture that we wanted to recreate into a quilt. Mine was from a cookie tin lid. Anyway, we blew our pictures up to our actual quilt size, sliced it 6 ways for 6 quilters, and distributed the quilt sized drawing among us. We each created one slice in each other's quilts over the course of 6 months. I want to add your cute house row to my quilt to finish it off - borders perhaps. I have really wanted to do this again some time but it is hard to find quilters whose design and sewing skills are advanced enough to tackle the project. You would be so fun to have in the group! I wonder if you would have any interest in such a project and if you know other designers who could or would join in.

If you want to see mine, go to this page and scroll down to item number 8. If you want to see some of my "picture quilt" design work, look at number 9.