Thursday, 2 February 2017

Landscape Quilt A Long Start!

Today is the start of the longer Quilt A Long project - The Landscape Rows... yaaaay!

Row #1 is the "African Landscape"

I've added the first row pattern to Craftsy 

This is how I do my 'thing'...

I cut out the whole pattern....

I sort it into groups of the alphabet that is on the pattern pieces and I also put them in alphabetical order.... (maybe a little OCD)

I found this small packaging box which will hold the pattern pieces while I need the space on my desk for other things.

Im going to do this starting with section A.

I found pieces A to O (easy because it was already sorted out)
I laid them onto my desk and group them where I can see they need to be joined together.

I'm going with a directional print for the background, so I marked the pattern pieces with a direction arrow.

Then it was fun time - I sewed the pieces and then joined them according to their groups.

Then I joined the whole lot together and gave it a good press with the iron.

We have until March 15 to finish this first row, so I'm going slower than usual but still need to get my work done...

You're more than welcome to add your photos to the Flickr group (on right sidebar).

I really hope you all enjoy this QAL with me...


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