Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Landscape QAL - Row #3

Today we carry on with our Landscape Row #3

This tropical style landscape with palm trees and sea is really interesting. You can change up the colours for the sea and the sky and it looks totally different.

I must admit - I haven't even started mine yet.....
I just have so many things to finish first... but Im planning a whole week-end of catching up.

The row changed a little from the original drawing - I wanted to get rid of the snow on the mountains and make the sea a little darker.

This start of the row belongs to Nicole  who added the photos to a FB group.
Its magnificent!! I love the fabrics - they really make everything look so tropical.
I absolutely love it!

I hope you're all still furiously busy with your Landscape rows... You all still have time to get yours done.  Landscape Row #4 will be available on 14 June.

You could still join us if you'd like....
 Landscape rows 1 - 3 are in my Craftsy Shop.

If you have any photos you would like to share, you can always link them to our Flickr group.


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