Monday, 26 June 2017

What's on your desk this week?

Hi all

Do you remember that I started making snapshots....
Well, at last I've found time to get busy with them again.
They measure 10".

This was the first snapshot.
'A view of the windows'

I wanted to make something 'different', and with a feel of 'modern' too

This is the 'Delicious Monster Leaf' snapshot

I found all its pieces waiting patiently for me, and when I saw it - I smiled....

I still feel the same way as I did when I started them, so now I'm going to pull my finger and get working on them again...

Im using up scraps of fabrics with this project too, so I have to be content to use patterned fabrics mixed in with solids and batiks.


*** People asked about the Van Gogh Night Cafe pattern Im making....
Its a commissioned work for someone and I won't be able to sell the pattern in Craftsy.

You can always just drop me an email if you're interested. It measures 30x36" (77x92cm).


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Joan Wintersgill said...

I always enjoy what your up to.