Thursday, 13 July 2017

Day #4 - Christmas in July Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!
Today is our Day #4 of the Christmas in July Giveaway!!

Today we have a cute little Origami Bow.
The pattern measures 6" (16cm) and is on the Easy Level

You can download your Free bow pattern from my Craftsy Shop where you will also find the older blocks from this series.


And as usual, I found 2 other Christmas flavour patterns for you to think about....

This is the Penguin Huddle quilt and the Christmas Mugs quilt.


                                          Quick link to my Craftsy Shop

(when you open the shop.... click on the right side menu and press NEWEST.... then everything will show up)


CJ Jolly said...

Thank you! This Ribbons ties IT together, nicely. :)

Joan Wintersgill said...

As always...too neat!

Richard Healey said...

They look fantastic and fun will have to give one a try.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! I could probably fumble my way through this one! It would be a cute row or border on a Christmas quilt/block. Thank you so much! Love your penguins.

Smart Design said...

Looking forward to working in the pinks