Monday, 17 July 2017

Landscape Row #4

Hello everyone!

We need to get back to the
Landscape Rows....

We're finishing up with Landscape Row #4

I forgot I was using the old pattern I made a long time ago and my row doesn't have the extended landscape to it. No biggie....

I've seen 2 of the other rows made and uploaded onto facebook and they're really amazing!!

I will also upload the Landscape Row #5 to Craftsy
This has a very Asian feel with Cherry trees.

I changed a few of the round balls (leaves) to a green colour on the pattern, but feel free to keep them all pink if you like it that way.

I made a start on my row and its really sweet....

I just have to put it to one side and finish up a few other projects that are screaming for attention.

The row measures 12x40" (31x129cm) and is on the intermediate level.


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Joan Wintersgill said...

Looking forward to working in the pinks

Best design said...

really nice post and photos