Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August Block of the Month

Hello All,

It's already August... really downhill to Christmas now....
and its time for our Wild Babies Block of the Month.......

Today we have a cute Squirrel Monkey

The pattern as always measures 16" (41cm)

I wanted you to see how tiny these little monkeys are when they're babies.

This monkey was abandoned by its mother, so a cat decided to adopt it...

another point for cats!!

This cute block was tested by Julie Murdoch. Thanks so very much. Its very cute!

This photo was taken outside in the garden - and it looks as if the monkey is right at home there...
So sweet!
This was the block tested by Iris Waite. Also, Thanks so very much. It really turned out beautiful!! LOVE your fabrics you used!

I really hope you enjoy sewing this one just as much!!

Pattern for August is FREE for the month 
and is in my Craftsy Shop

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I use Google chrome and it seems to work fine, but you could always try firefox or explorer....


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Joan Wintersgill said...

How precious! It reminds me of the way my dog Mali took care of Cherry our cat that was "dumped" by her mom. Grooming her and picking her up by the nap of the neck when Mali thought she shouldn't be going somewhere.

Lori said...

what a sweet baby. those tiny little hands and face. oh my. So glad the cat is taking care of this little baby. thank you
quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

Daphne Lewis said...

Such a cute pattern and an adorable Wild Baby!