Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Landscape Row #5

Hi there

Today we're all about the Landscape Row #5

Shame, this poor row has really had no time to shine...

 This pretty little row with 'cherry trees' has had to take a back seat here because I've just too many things on my plate all at once.

But no matter, my friend Joan Wintersgill of Texas has finished her row and sent me a photo....
and its amazing!! Thanks so very much Joan!!

I have no idea of how far you all are with your rows, but I hope you're all still hanging in there....
I haven't seen any other photo's of the rows, so no idea... (hint, hint)

I will add row #6 (Winter scene) to my Craftsy shop as soon as I write up the instructions.
Soon, i promise, soon...

Have a wonderful "Womans Day".


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