Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Fox in the Garden #2

Hello there everyone...

Wow, this past weekend was so hectic. My daughter and I went to a Bridal Expo here in Pretoria. 
My daughter (Heather) is getting married in September and we're busy with all the planning etc. Sooooooooo many things to do.... 
Yesterday we also went to try on wedding dresses.... that was just great fun!! Thank heavens you make an appointment and then you're the only one there and get all their attention. 

Today we're on the Second part of the Fox in the Garden...
The pattern measures 16x24" (42x62cm) and is on the Intermediate level.

It's divided up into 3 main chunks but on each of them I'm doing about half each week.

The first part is the house - maybe its the neighbours house... and again the trees and background.

This was the finished block of Fox #1. He's really very cute!

I hope those of you joining me with this slow quilt a long are enjoying it...

Quick link to the Fox pattern #1 is HERE.....<<<<<

Link to Fox pattern #2 is HERE.....<<<

I've started a QA Designs Group  on Facebook where you are welcome to join and add any of your finished blocks made with the QADesigns patterns.

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