Wednesday, 29 August 2018

WIP Wednesdays...

Hi there everyone!
Wow, its already almost the end of August.... time has been flying by here.

By now its just downhill to the end of September and there you have it!! My daughter's big day will be here and in a wink of an eye.... it will also be gone. So many preparations for one single day... Really makes you stop and think.

I've been trying to get back to sewing my Garden Quilt. Its almost there with only 1 row to go. I just need more oomph in me.

I feel as if I just have no energy left to do anything anymore... I really need more sewing mojo or something.

 Here's the Seaside option that I've also been playing around with. Again its made with the Storm at Sea blocks. I'm writing up the instructions and I'll add it to my shop really soon.


I've started a QA Designs Group  on Facebook where you are welcome to join and add any of your finished blocks made with the QADesigns patterns. I really love to see them all.
 Quick link to my full Craftsy Shop <<<<<

(when you open the shop.... click on the right side 'sort by tab' and press NEWEST.... then everything will show up)


Tammy said...

I love what you are creating with the Storm at Sea block. You are very talented to see all these possibilities within a block.

BarefootThunder said...

Well... I have been enjoying your garden, butt I love the lighthouse💚💚💚

LaStitches (Faith Pesson) said...

I too am wowed by what you are able to envision from the storm at sea block. I love them both but I'm gonna need that lighthouse pattern - my sisters and I all collect lighthouses!