Monday, 14 January 2019

Pattern Shop

Hello everyone!

Today I feel really exhausted, but happy.

I've added more than 600 patterns to my new Pattern Shop and things are running relatively smoothly.
Big big sigh!

Thanks for all the encouragement during the past few weeks where things were hectic, passwords were illusive and downloading patterns took a new look.

The new shop has a SHOP BY CATEGORY function on the top Black Bar where you can hover your computer mouse and see the drop down menu. I really hope you find what you're looking for. You can always email me about old patterns that I didn't add.

I feel as if things can get back to normal now even if it's without Craftsy. I decided to leave those remaining patterns they chose for me with them - maybe someone will be interested and see I have a new shop too. It was nice to belong to a 'community' but its exciting to be soaring high in the clouds doing my own thing my way too.

Now, its back to finishing up commissions, thinking of a 'project' for us for the year - something really amazing, doing the block of the months and all the new blocks.

Please stay tuned for a new year FULL of great patterns and loads of FUN!!

If you need to chat with me about something or other...... please email me. (



Lori Smanski said...

Woohoo!!! I like the feeling of being exhausted after doing something that is right/good. Thank you for all your hard work. Looking forward to what this year brings.

Anonymous said...

I loved scrolling through your hundreds of patterns. Do you think you could add a "liked" or "favorites" feature? That way we can bookmark our favorites with our account and will be able to find them again easily when we're ready to purchase them. Anyone else agree this would be helpful to them?

LaStitches (Faith Pesson) said...

So happy for you in getting this new website up and so quickly! Congrats to you and your web designers! Here's hoping this is a better year than you've ever had with Craftsy! As always THANKS for all of your wonderful patterns!!

Jennifer Willard said...

I agree with anonymous about having a like or bookmark button. I like to mark ones that I will eventually go back to.

vivoaks said...

Congrats on getting your site up and running so quickly. I am still amazed that a company could do that to people...just astounded! (And a bit perturbed - and I don't even have an account with them!!) I've followed you for several years now and love your work, so at least I will be able to keep following you and seeing all your beautiful patterns. Thanks for sharing your creativity!!