Friday, 9 August 2019

New Hipster block

Hi there everyone!

We've been sitting here with no electricity for 3 days.... eventually it was put back on last night late. Some wonderful person at the municipality decided we haven't paid our account and ordered it to be cut off. 
WE HAVE A PRE-PAID METER!!! It took phoning the MP of our district to get this problem sorted out.
I wonder who's going to buy me new fruit, veg and meat that I had to throw out when the freezer defrosted??
I'm not joking, IF I had the funds, I would move to a new country!! where common sense exists!!


Anyway, I wanted to show you the pattern I was working on a while back. I finished it off this morning and it's in the shop with the other Hipster Patterns.

Meet the Hipster Pineapple
The pattern measures 14x18" (36x47cm)

Here are some of the older Hipster patterns
They can be found in the Animals >>>> Hipster Animals category of the shop.


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