Monday, 29 June 2020

Block #16


Hello everyone!

It's Monday and we have another block in our
Gardener's Wife Quilt a Long

This week we have another animal block and we meet our Squirrel

Our test block for the squirrel was sewn up by Isabelle Engel of Germany. There are also photos of how she put her block together.

 The fabric choices and making a 'key' to remember which fabrics would be used.

Onto sewing the first piece. The pins are for holding the fabrics in place.

After that, a quick press with the little iron (oh that iron is just so cute!)
Sometimes I use my fingers to press the seam.

The second piece
The pins are placed along the line to secure the sewing is straight.
Pins into the corners also insure that I have sewn into the corner and along the line when matching up the two pieces.

Remember to check the thickness of fabrics and make sure that the lines match up and the corners are matched up too.

This is the eye and face of the Squirrel

Once the pieces are joined, Check to see if they are lined up properly before sewing another section.
Pull away the pieces of paper as each section is finished. It takes a tweezers to help with the removing of the paper sometimes.

This is our finished 10" block. (Its wonderful!! Thank you Isabelle)

I decided to make a pillow from the block. The paper was removed, and the block pressed again.

The back and sides were measured up, and the quilting work was done.

Here we have our finished pillow.
(its fantastic! I love it)

You can find your Squirrel block in my Online Shop in the Gardener's Wife category.

These blocks are so much fun and really quick and easy to sew.
Join us!

We also show our finished blocks on the 

Everyone would love to see your blocks too!


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CJ Jolly said...

"Thank you!"
Enjoying this QAL

Verov94 said...

Merci pour ce tuto très explicite.
Je suis étonnée de votre travail à la machine.
Je vais essayer le faire du patchwoork à la machine à coudre.