Monday, 1 February 2021

Feb. Block of the Month


Hello and welcome to another of the Block of the Month. 

As you remember we're making Dogs this year 

and for February we have a cute Dachshund.

I love these fiesty little sausages.
We had a brown Doxi called Julie. Shame, I still miss her.

The block measures 12" (31cm) and is free for the month.

You can adopt your Dachshund right HERE.

"Quilt Club"💞 Starts today!!

This new CLUB will be a subscription group that you can belong to
where we will be making modern blocks, random animals and birds, have a block swap and generally loads of fun.

This is what you can expect from joining -

There will be a start up block - something to say 'welcome to quilt club' - once off.

**The birthday block will be changed to have a "Christmas in July" where all subscribers receive a block.
There was no way to add the birthday information, so it had to change to one month a year.

2 Blocks per month that are not in the shop and will also not be in the shop for the year of the club
 (One is 24" and more modern, and one is a random animal or bird or flower 16")

Each quarter (3 month period) you will get an older archived block that I've re-worked and made more up to date. Could be anything.

At some point in the year we will make a block and have a grand ol' block swap and a new block for participating. Swap is only for club members.

That makes 31 new blocks per year.

Only 1 rule about Quilt Club - no sharing club blocks!

The subscription will be US$12 per month for as long as you like.

The CLUB subscriptions will open 1 February 2021 

Come on! Lets have some FUN with our sewing!!


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