Thursday, 1 April 2021

April BoM / April CLUB / Mag.#29


Welcome to another of our Dog Blocks BoM

Today we have a very sweet little Yorkshire Terrier or a Yorkie as they are more commonly known.

He's only 12" (31cm)
Looking for a good home and loads of love.

You can adopt your Yorkie from my Online Shop.


Welcome back to the CLUB for April

This month we have the 2nd Quarter block change, the new Modern Block and new Nature Block. Subscription emails will be sent out on the date you started and paid for the month through paypal.

This CLUB is a subscription group that you can belong to
where we will be making modern blocks, random animals and birds, have a block swap and generally loads of fun.

Older months blocks (Back issues of patterns) can be gotten from me directly for $12 per month you need. You will need to be part of the club to get them tho'

This is what you can expect from joining -

That makes 31 new blocks per year.

The subscription will be US$12 per month for as long as you like.


Issue #29 APRIL - JUNE 2021

Here's a look at what to expect inside this issue.
This is the Flip Book view

Coupon is only valid for the month of April.

Find Issue #29 in my Online Shop...


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