Monday, 16 January 2023

Tiny House Project


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Tiny Housing Project

Every year I promise myself that I'll deal with all my scraps.
This year I'm finally doing something -
I'm going to be using up those scraps by making a bunch of Tiny Houses.

Each of the patterns measure 6" (16cm) with a 1/2" border around each block.
Every Monday morning I will add another Tiny House pattern to the Tiny House category 
(right under the Houses category in my shop)
and you can jump on in and join us by making a few, more than a few, a lot, all of them. Your choice.

I do hope you'll join in and just have some fun with these cuties.
We can post our blocks on FaceBook or Instagram and form our own little
 Cute Housing Project Group.

(Add it to the QADesign Challenge Group on FBook or 
tag me on IG @qadesigns and #QADtinyhouseproject)

There will be 36 blocks in total to make a square quilt measuring 36".
So this project will take 36 weeks to get to the end and there may be something really special for the ones who can hang on...

The blocks will have a slight 'Wonky' flavour to them but will also be quick and easy to make.

If you want to copy your block larger then go for it. Just remember to photocopy all the pieces at the same percentage.

This is Tiny House #1 (6" - 16 cm) 

I have added a fabrics chart to the pattern, BUT its only there to show you 
that we are talking 2" to 4" of fabric scraps necessary.

You don't have to follow the colour scheme I've used - you can enjoy using up your scraps
 - the not so loved and the 'can't use this' scraps.

**You can get your Tiny House for a mere $1 in my online shop. 
The following Monday it will be in the shop for $2.

*** For those who are interested -  you can pay for all the houses up front (USD $36) and I will add your name and email address to my Houses email list and send you the pdf each Monday morning.

Please leave me a note of your email address too. Thanks.

Once I get the notification from paypal and write down your name, I'll email you with your pattern.


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