Wednesday, 1 February 2023

February BoM

Hello everyone!

Its February and time for a new Block of the Month

Today we see a sweet girl walking it the forest. Modestly dressed and carrying
a basket - presumably for a sick relative who lives nearby, while
a dark canine type figure follows her - again presumably to rob her or even try to murder her...

Fairy Tales had such dark plots... and they were for children....
children must have been tougher in those days.

Well, Red Riding Hood here measures 14" (36 cm)

This is our line-up so far ....

You can rescue the damsel for $1 from my Online Shop. 

No need to have to fight the wolf.

The small fee goes towards makeovers and massages 
for the  BoM characters backstage... thanks!


Tiny Houses Sew a Long 2023

Each week (Mondays) I will produce another Tiny House
for everyone joining me in the Sew a Long
to use up all the scraps you just can't throw away or seem to get rid of.

We're already in Week 3 of the SaL and that means -
Its time for Block #3 of the Tiny Houses!!!

The blocks are easy and quick to make, so jump on in and join us!!

Each block measures 6" (16,5cm) with the border around it
5" (14 cm) without the border.

I do hope you'll join in and just have some fun with these cuties.
We can post our blocks on FaceBook or Instagram and form our own little
 Cute Housing Project Group.

(Add it to the QADesign Challenge Group on FBook or 
tag me on IG @qadesigns and #QADtinyhouseproject)

These were blocks 1 and 2 and 3 and you can get them from my 
Online Shop as singles. They will be $1 on the week they are released 
and will be marked back up to $2 from then onwards.


You can pay for all 36 blocks at once for the $1 price upfront - ($36).
I will add you to my email list and send you the 
blocks each Monday - to your email address.

For those joining in later, I will send all the blocks you have missed also.


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