Monday, 27 March 2023

Tiny House #11


Hello everyone!

Welcome to another in our Tiny Housing Project - Tiny House #11
Pattern measures 6" (16,5 cm)

This is a little more modern, contemporary house. A little unique and definitely exquisite.
I love this style. Just have no clue who's cleaning those windows.. 

Each week (Mondays) I will produce another Tiny House
for everyone joining me in the Sew a Long
to use up all the scraps you just can't throw away or seem to get rid of.

These blocks are available from my 
Online Shop as singles as well. They will be $1 on the week they are released 
and will be marked back up to $2 from then onward.


You can pay for all 36 blocks at once for the $1 each price upfront - ($36).
I will add you to my email list and send you the 
blocks each Monday - to your email address.

For those joining in later, I will send all the blocks you have missed per email also.
They are quick and easy to make - so you will be caught up in no time.


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