Friday 3 March 2023

We Go Together Sew a Long



Welcome to the "We Go Together" Sew a Long 2023

Each week I will release a block depicting something that really goes well together.
It won't be focused on food only but rather a mixed bag of 'things'
that people associate with each other.

I really want to get my scraps down this year - I have boxes full of scraps and strips and even fat quarters waiting to be made into something. I've declared war on the scrap pile and now
its time for action!!

JOIN ME! I know we can at least make a dent if we try.  :D

Each Friday I will release a block measuring 10" (26cm) Intermediate Level.

This week we kick off with the well known "Milk and Cookies" block.

There are 25 of these blocks to make a good sized quilt or even
a 'book' with back to back blocks for a child to read and enjoy.

You don't have to follow the colour scheme I've used - you can enjoy using up your scraps
 - the not so loved and the 'can't use this' scraps.

**You can get your Go Together for a mere $1 in my online shop for the week it is released.
The following Friday it will be in the shop for $4.


*** For those who are interested -  
you can pay for all the Go Together up front (USD $25)
and I will add your name and email address 
to my email list and send you the pdf each Friday morning.

Once I get the notification from paypal and write down your name, I'll email you with your pattern.


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