Tuesday, 10 September 2013

One versatile little block

Today I've been working on more of the Kaleidoscope Themed Blocks. This one block has so many different uses and looks to it, that I think you can just let your imagination run wild.

 This lovely block is called "Storm"

I especially love the combination of Reds and Turquoise. Also a bit of a ribbon effect running through here. Your eyes keep finding circles and then stars and then jumping back to the ribbons. So Cool!

Here is another version of the same block

The bright reds in this block make me think of a fire out of control and burning hot.

I'm calling this "Fire Storm"

Notice how your eyes are now drawn to the centres and also the smaller squares, but still see the circles that connect one another.

Had to also add this one, called Eastern Plaid

Here your eyes notice the pointed shapes and then the circles around them.

This one is also the same block of four, just adding new colours to certain parts of the squares

Look at the beautiful hearts that were formed with a star behind them. So amazing.

 All of the paper piecing has been worked out and will be available at Craftsy.

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