Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WIP Wednesday

A while ago I put this beautiful block up but said I wanted to test it first. Well, here it is and it works out beautifully. It's really not very hard. I only took so long because I was distracted by my new software programme and running my son up and down to college.

This is Compass Flower

Some blocks are hard to say why - you just have to drop everything and make them.
This was one of them.

These were the fabrics that I had and when I had completed the design of the star / flower / compass, it was as if they were calling out for one another.

I also wanted to get a better idea of how much fabric was used on a block this size. I always say "just use your scraps from your stash" because I'm used to buying fabric here in SA in meters or half meters. Loads of patterns talk about yards and fat quarters and jelly rolls and charm packs. All new to me.....  Still learning.
I only started quilting this year in all seriousness and designing patterns for paper piecing since May this year.

This pattern has an outer ring with 8 segments
and the smaller inner ring with 8 segments

I decided to start in the centre and make each segment first.

Ta-daa! this was the centre. I LOVE the colours red and turquoise together. I would never have thought they looked good together, but here is the proof.

This is the outside ring connected to each of their smaller inner ring segments, then worked together to form a half of the block.

Both halves waiting for my next move.....

This is my completed little block.

Block measures 10" (25cm)
On Craftsy
Free pattern

 That's it for WIP Wed.

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