Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January BOM-In the Garden

Good Morning! Happy New Year to all! I hope this one's going to be a Good one!

Today is the start of our "In the Garden" BOM. Welcome to all who will be doing this along with me.

Our first block needs to be a little easier so that all new quilters to this art of paper piecing can join in as well. I've decided to give out 2 blocks that are filled with "Trees". Every garden has trees. Big, small, tall, short, pretty, even ugly and so on...

You can make your trees just as you wish. The fabrics you choose are really up to you. I've decided to go with summer colours and for the background a soft green with tiny dots. The fabric is called "Cat's Meow" by Cheryl Haynes at Bernatex. I purchased about 2m of the fabric - only because the shop said it was the last they had. It's hard to tell you how much you will need, because I love to use up scraps from my stash and have a single background for all my blocks.

The first "Trees" block is divided up into 6 trees that can be put together individually and be sewn together to form one block of 12" (30cm), or you can keep the 6 small blocks one side and have them to fill the corners and so on when we are putting our quilt together. It's up to you individually.

Photos will not work with me today, but have no fear, the idea is there and I'll get someone to help me later.

I put mine together and then thought I would keep them as half blocks til later.

 Here are close-ups of the smaller trees - really cute!

 The second block of "Trees" is a single block of 12" (30cm) and is suitable for a beginner to have a go.

This is a close-up of the trees on the right. You can use the 'fussy cut' method on those centres, it will be very interesting.

All patterns for the Trees 1 & 2 are in my Craftsy Shop.

I'm adding a "Link-Up" button to the bottom of this post. Please link a photo of your block for all to see and ooooh and aaaaah over. Thanks.



Vera said...

These are pretty. I have to figure out what I'll be using those for and the fabrics but I would like to make some. Thanks for sharing.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Ooooo AWESOME!! I adore trees - thanks for the free patterns. I hope to get my act together and make them and link up!!!

Vicki H said...

I gotta figure out my background fabric and get started. Thanks.

Kathy said...

Oh I can't wait to get started on these! I'm hoping to get some fabric for my birthday this month, so I may wait a couple weeks, depending on what I can find in my stash right now. Really love these little trees!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Very sweet trees!

Linda from said...

What wonderful trees!!! Those look like they are really fun to make! I could look at them for a long time :)

Clairejustine oxox said...

Aww love the design :) Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop ..

allierae said...

I'm really excited for these - thanks for the great patterns :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blocks! They feel a bit retro! LOVE IT!

Cindy said...

Do you use 1/4 inch to trim the pieces or the 1/8 inch, I can only come up with the word ruler, but I mean the thing you put up against the edge of the seams between say C1 and C2. I hope you understand what I mean? I started mine today using the 1/4 inch, but remember reading somewhere with minis to use 1/8th.

Wendy said...

wow, how generous! Thank you. You've got some amazing patterns in your Craftsy store!

Crystelle said...

These trees are so fabulous! I wish they would grow on my quilts!!
Thanks so much for your awesomeness!! :)
“hugs” Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique