Monday, 30 December 2013

Looking Back

Let's have a look back on 2013 and see just how far we've come together....

This was the start of my blog and the start of my pattern business -   
These were some of the first patterns I came up with  - the Windmills

 August saw a lot more collections starting up:
 One of my favourites are the cute Birdhouse collection

The African Safari Collection has 20 patterns of wild animals and the big 5, so they turned into 2 lovely E-Books

The 20 Quick and Easy stars were born and are always popular


 There were loads more blocks that were traditional but could be put together using Paper Piecing.


These 2 cute E-Books for children's quilts were really special. I became one of EQ Boutique's designers and launched a 'shop' with them.

Loads more patterns and more E-Books.


A few of my Favourites during the year :



These aren't even a fraction of all the patterns available, but here you can clearly see the progress made during the past months and that I'm starting to enjoy the whole process more too.

Thanks to all who supported me and bought a pattern or e-book.
It's because of you that I'm able to say that I can leave my old job and just do designing and sewing on a full time basis from the new year.

January 2014 will be even better because the Paper Piecing BoM is starting as well as the HST BoM.

I hope you all have a Wonderful New Year and that 2014 will be YOUR year!


Mokki stevenson said...

Well done you. You'll soon be living the dream. Congratulations on all you've achieved.

Vera said...

wow. Congrats on finding your way and starting new career. Happy New Year!

Janeen van Niekerk said...

Thanks. Still early days.

Cindy said...

I have always loved your block and hope to participate in BOTH of your BOM's this year!

Monica Hayden said...

You are very talented. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.

Monica Hayden said...

You are very talented. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.