Thursday, 26 December 2013

New E-Book

As promised - I finished up my latest E-Book:

12 Days of Christmas

I had loads of fun designing the patterns and putting the e-book together. There are 12 patterns to be made into a very interesting quilt.
The blocks measure 10" (25cm) and can easily be made using scraps of fabric you have in your stash.
I've  added this one to the E-Book Page and all can be seen in my Craftsy shop.


The Block of the Month Club has 2 new children -
A HST (9 blocks) and a PP (12 blocks) BOM.
Starting January 2014 we are going to get going and you are all welcome to join me.
Buttons are in the BOM Page along the top or click the button on the sidebar.

Christmas in the week really has my head confused about which day it is - every 10 minutes I sit here and work out  - is it Friday, No, is it Wednesdy, NO! It's Thursday.......

Okay. Have a good Thursday! :)

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