Monday, 3 March 2014

March HST BoM

Today is our Half Square Triangle BoM day! Yippee!!
I really love making these large blocks - each one turns out so great.

Here we have March HST block -

From our design you can see I'm still using the "white + 4 darker" colours. This design shows a large X through the centre with 4 darker triangles pointing towards the middle.

Here's how I made my block -

I always start with the cutting, pairing up and then squaring the hst blocks up to the 3,5" size. Then I lay them all out as the diagram shows so that I know how to sew up my rows.

When sewing my rows I make sure that the seams are always opposite to the row before it so that the seams will 'nest' in each other when it comes to sewing the longer seams together.

 Here's my block -  all finished.
The block measures 18" (46cm)

Here's the line-up of our first 3 blocks

 This block will be available in my Craftsy shop and a link directly to the block will also be put onto the HST BOM Page.

Please feel free to add your photos of blocks you have made to the QA Designs Flickr group.

Have a great Monday!

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Laura B said...

I really love your work with the HST's. If I weren't so bogged down with that pixel quilt, I would probably quilt along.