Saturday, 1 March 2014

March PP Block of the Month

Hurrah! Hazah! Hallelujah! and any other ah! I feel as though I've waited so long for March - about 28 days ;)... and now - here it is.......

Today's focus will be on our "In the Garden" block of the month.
I've lined up for you all - a 'cute little birdhouse' sitting in a tree.

 The pattern also measures 12" or 12.5" unfinished.

I've been a little worried that some of our beginners might feel this is a little hard - so I made another block  - also of the birdhouse but without so many background details like the branches or the leaves. It really is up to you which one you decide to put together.

 They will both be in my Craftsy shop - free for March.

Here is the pattern pieces laid out on my desk - I've moved to a bigger desk - Thank Heavens! and I divide up the pieces not only according to how they will be put together, but also group them into pieces that I want to do each day.

I don't try to do everything at once - back will not be happy,......

 Here is all the segments that will eventually be sewn together. Only on the last leaf I decided to make it yellow instead of green and then realized that I could have done a lot more with that. Never mind - you can do anything you like.

 Here is a closer look at the little bird ornament on the house. Mine is just off by a few millimeters and only afterwards I was thinking about it and I should have lined it up from the bird perch first and not from the edge of the pattern ...... i also make mistakes.........

No harm!

Here is my completed block of the cute "Birdhouse". I think it turned out well!!!

These are the blocks we have so far. Really cute already!! I hope you're all itching to get stitching!!

Available in my Craftsy shop, links also in the PP BoM page, and also feel free to use that page to link up your block photos. Our Flickr group is also growing - Thank you to all who have linked up. I love looking at your work.

Other news: Yesterday, I found that the 'hummingbird' has a glitch in the numbering. The feet are numbered all haywire. The small pieces are supposed to follow one another and then the bigger piece which is now as #4. Sorry about that - I will be removing the pattern and editing it before putting it back onto Craftsy.

If you find something like this, please feel free to send me an email and let me know. Thanks.

Today is also our first piece in our 12 week Quilt-a-Long.
Details are on the Art Quilt Page.

You can post your photos to the Flickr group also - ;)  Button also on side bar.

Anyone still want to join us? There's still enough time.
This is my first block - measures roughly 12" (30cm).

Have a great week-end.
Monday will be the day for our HST BoM.


Val Spiers said...

I just couldn't get into the hummingbird and hibiscus but I love the bird house. Thanks.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing your trials and errors . . . in this case it pays off for me to stay a step or two (or 3 or 4 . . .) behind!

Laura B said...

Lovely work. Thanks again for sharing on Show & Tell.

Cheri, the Quilting Nanny said...

Wow you have such a talent for the piecing! I am not up to trying it! I much prefer applique for this kind of thing, but boy you have a great talent for the quilting way! I have a whole herd of hummingbirds in my back yard spring to fall and your hummingbird block is adorable! Maybe I will find a good applique pattern to make a hummingbird quilt! Thanks for the inspiration!