Monday, 17 March 2014

Moday's Hoard!

Wow, it's Monday - already. I don't know why I'm feeling like this - the days are flying by and I'm whizzing past things as if I'm on a really fast canrival ride.

When I read "Crazy Mom Quilts" blog the other day and she spoke of having a month off - I really understood. Sometimes looking at all the wonderful quilts people are making and all the things we want to try out and get busy with, we don't realize how we are pushing ourselves and it takes a toll on us emotionally as well as physically.

I'm only going to be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on so that I can regain a little of my time to do other things that also need me  (the housework). LOL!

I was looking in the fabric shop for just the 'right' thing for my triangle quilt I plan to do, and I was asking about 'jelly-rolls' and 'charm-packs' and all that and to my surprise the woman who works there told me that those names only belong to Moda. Is that so? What are the others called then?? Does anyone know, can you tell me??

Anyway, this was my hoard:
 I'm planning on blues/purples and then randomly distributing them.
What do you think?

 Have a good Monday!


Debbie said...

Ooo! I like :)

Vera said...
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Marly said...

Blues and purples sounds like a good idea; restful with sparkle

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Love the blues and purples! Yes, Moda owns the dessert names for precuts. Others call them design rolls or rolie polies, etc. They don't always have the same amount in them either...if it looks like a great deal...check the count:)