Friday, 4 April 2014

April HST BoM

Today is our Half Square Triangle BoM turn, so let me introduce you all to:

"Letter to my love"

I've decided to call it by that name because I see 4 letters to be posted in the pattern, as well as one large parcel being opened and there is something inside.

What do you see?

 This is how I made my HST Block-

I had White and 4 other darker white with black print fabrics.
After cutting my squares 4,5" and paring them up (instructions in the pattern will tell you how many you need), I drew 3 diagonal lines on each of them - my lines each a 1/4" apart.


 I sewed along the 2 outer lines and then cut along the middle line - to make 2 HST
I 'chain pieced' all the squares this way to save a little time.

When doing this method to get 2 HST you need to add 1" to the desired measurement of your square. This is so that you can still sew and cut and then have space to trim and still have your 1/4" seam.

(want a 3,5" HST block - then add 1" = cut two 4,5" squares, sew, cut once diagonally, trim - will have two 3,5" squares)

 These are some of the HST waiting to be trimmed down to 3,5".

The small 4,5" ruler is the best thing ever. Once you line up the middle line and find your 3,5" mark, you cut around the ruler and turn your work and do the same for the other two sides, you are left with a lovely square. 

Then all that's left is to follow the instructional guide for placement of the squares. Sew each row of blocks with seams in opposite directions for easier  lining up and then sew each row together.

Here is my finished block for April - 18"

I'm just loving the monotone effect of the black and white on this project.

This block is something of a mind puzzle. I was counting how many squares I could find in the pattern and I counted ........

wait, tell me how many squares you can see in this block first -

First who gets it right - prize follows.

 These are our other HST BoM blocks so far -

Pattern is available in my Craftsy  shop or find the link in the HST Bom Page

I hope you enjoy making yours too.

The "Girl in the Wind" QAL post will be up on Monday.

Have a great week-end!


Kymberly said...

This is such a cute block! I love the blacks and whites. If you count the whole block as the one square and add squares together to make bigger squares there are 81 total. (I'm always surprised how much my high school math classes come back to me for quilting.)

Kelly Vetch said...

I love the blacks and whites! I made my husband a Raiders quilt and loved working with tsimilar colors. I love your blocks :)

Vera said...

Looking good! I see pretty star and I'm too lazy to count :-)