Thursday, 3 April 2014

At my house for tea...

Hello and welcome!

Glad you could make it over to my house.

I thought we could have a tea and a catch up. I've brought out some of your favourite treats.

How was the drive over?

I hear there was a thunderstorm or did you drive along the road past the beach?

I'm so glad you could make it. I just love your dresses - are they vintage?


Lets have some tea first, here sit down and grab a cup.

Help yourself to a few treats I've put out for everyone.

I just love a good cup of tea every now and then.


Tell me about your trip - all those windmills - show me the photos....

wow, these are great, was it fun?
Oh this one is amazing..... they look like flags flying around in a circle.  Where was this? Greece?
 Oh, is this the two of you on the beach? Wonderful..
Did you see any sea life when you were there? A whale or even a dophin?

We always see if we can spot something when we're at the beach. The kids love sandcastles and the shells - if they can find any.
Oh don't be alarmed, this is just my dog Pepsi. She just wants to come and say "hello"

she was probably just swimming with the neighbours kids. They have a pool and she's always over there.

would you like to go out into the garden? Its lovely now, we've finished with the landscaping now. 

 The flowers and trees seem to attract so many birds to the garden. I just love the little humming bird that I see every now and then.  There are also a pair of turtledoves and some or other really noisy one.

 Down at the pond we have a beautiful swan.

 We started to put up birdhouses in the trees and around the little nooks. I'm hoping to attract even more birds...

Look ! there's my daughter running about after the butterflies again.

 The flowers in the garden are particulary lovely this time of year. We love comming out here and just wandering around.

OH MY! the wind is really picking up now, your hair is really blowing about. You better hold onto that hat before it blows away.


I think we'll be heading back in now, things are looking a little pear shaped.

Lets head back in for something warm.

I still have a present for you somewhere in my cupboard. You weren't here Christmas, so I saved you a candy cane too.

 Yes, its a snow globe. Isn't it just sooo cute? I love snow globes.

You know, I have an idea!

Why don't you stay until tonight and watch the fireworks. We can have a little champagne and I'll take a photo and you can remember your visit here with me.

Wow, its getting late.
What, your car's not starting?

I'll call the towtruck. You'll have to take a taxi home.

Send everyone my love and here, don't forget your flowers you picked.

 Bye, visit again soon......


lefuntz said...

What a wonderful post!

Terri said...

Love your post - that's quite a story... where were the wild animals and fish? I missed the Lamb and the cute sheepdog.

Anonymous said...

Such a great way to show off your beautiful patterns!

Kathy said...

Talented pattern maker and story teller! :)