Saturday, 31 May 2014

Block of the Month - BoM June '14

Today we are going full steam ahead with our "In the Garden" BOM for June '14

I've had so many ideas for what to do, and some although were amazing, might be a little hard for people just starting out with paper piecing. Never mind it will all get there in the end...

Today we have a lovely 'Girl reading' in some secluded area of the garden. This is my interpretation of our button picture. This block is also 12" (30cm) and you are welcome to change up the colours just as you would like.

 The block was put together in the usual way of laying out my pieces, marking which colour I want where and then sewing each segment first before joining them together - first in their groups and then the main pieces together.

This is our completed block - really lovely.

I had to laugh so hard at myself. I thought I was adding the "wall" behind her with the lovely bricks fabrics that I have and that it was 'straight' and when I joined them up - LOL!! But you know what - its okay...

I wanted some paved area in front of her, so thats why I added the front section with what looks like stones and grass. My block also does not have sky behind her, because all my blocks are using the same background fabric - but you can change it up as you like.

This is also a closer photo of her face and hat. Turned out really cute.

I pinned up the blocks onto my new design wall (at last!) and they are all looking so lovely. We still have 5 blocks to go. July will have 2 blocks to do. I'm also still undecided about the smaller trees, but we'll see when everyone is present.

I hope you enjoy making this block.
The links will be on the PP BoM page and the block is also available in my Craftsy Shop.

Thanks to everyone who adds to our Flickr group photos - I love them all! Please feel free to share you photos of your blocks with us too.

Have a great Week-End!!!

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Rosa said...

Beautiful and them all are just fantastic!!

Vera said...

Interesting block. I have no idea how you can piece these things :-) or even design.

Kathy said...

Love this block Janeen! My daughter was just telling me she's waiting for a hammock to come in that she ordered. I should stitch this up for her as a hammock pillow!

Belinda said...

This one is super lovely and looks very challenging! I have so enjoyed this BOM and am anxious to get started on this one!!

Anonymous said...

The finished block is a fantastic re-creation of your button. It looks really good.

Karin said...

Wow...that is an amazing block! Thanks for sharing

Kathy said...

Thanks for another wonderful block! I am loving your garden block series so much :)