Monday, 2 June 2014

HST BoM June '14

Today we have our HST Block joining us -

This is our "Faux Chevrons" block design
The block measures 18" (46cm)

Our hst's measure 3.5"

As usual I started by chosing 1 White fabric and 4 darker fabrics leading to black as my darkest fabric.
After cutting, I paired off my squares to be made into HST's.

This traditional method was used to make my little hst's.  I sew them all down the one side in a sort of production line (chaining) and then come back and do the opposite side.

then its just cutting them all down the middle, giving them a press and the squaring up can begin.

this is a close-up of one of the hst's. Isn't that black and white fabric just the cutest. I love that mosaic look it has.

I laid out all my squares acording to the instruction sheet so that I can get a visual of what to do next and who lies next to who in which row......

Another close up of the fabrics.

and here is our finished block for June.

The block pattern is available in my Craftsy shop.

Links to the block can also be found in the HST Bom Page.

Please feel free to add photos of your blocks to our Flickr group Page. Thanks!

Have a Great Monday!

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