Thursday, 1 May 2014

Block of the Month May

It's that time again! The BOM for May is Here!

This month we have a really lovely "Fish Fountain" block. As usual the block measures 12" (30cm) and is more 'easy intermediate'. We need to get past doing all the 'easy' blocks and push ourselves to do more. This block is not difficult to do - even I got it....... no really, it's not that bad.

After I cut out my pattern and joined the one long piece, I like to lay the pieces all out according to the numbering chart in the instructions. This is so that I can get a good visual of what I need to do.

I also write onto each piece which colour I'm going to use and which piece is the background colour and so on.......

Believe me, this saves a lot of frustration...

I know it looks like a lot of pieces, but don't forget - you don't have to do everything in an hour. You have a whole month, so plan to do a little each day or a little each week.

I made each of the pieces for the lower half and then decided to join them together already. I just couldn't wait for everything, I was so nosey.

The little stones fabric I found really works well in the foreground.

After making the little fish, I sewed it this half all together as the instructions showed me - I do actually follow my own instructions as well - so that I can see if I need to change anything.

Both halves done and now to just sew them together and add the small tree on the side.

This is our completed block - really cute. I hope you enjoy this block too.

These are my blocks so far.

Our BOM Block is in my Craftsy Shop and there are also links on the PP BoM page

Please don't forget to share a little on our Flickr group. Thanks

Today also sees a WINNER from our Paper Piecing Magazine Giveaway!
LA Paylor - Congrats, you will get a free issue - will send it to you asap.
D Kanemura - You get a free pattern of your choice. Let me know which one and I'll send it.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate all your encouragement and kind words.
Friday (Tomorrow) will see another giveaway over at "Freemotion at the River" with Connie Reskin. Please don't hesitate to try again.

Have a great day!
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Connie said...

What a fun block Janeen!! I can't wait to get started on it! Thanks so much!

Debra said...

Oh hey! That's me! I won! I've sent you an email with my choice of pattern. Thank you!
As for this new block, wow! Let's get started!

Shauna said...

wow so wonderful, love it

Schulz Family said...

visiting from crazy mum quilts. You are busy!!! That is a lot of pieces in the block

Renee said...

Great fishy block! That is a lot of little pieces--you chose nice colors/fabrics though!