Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mini Quilt Finished

Today I finished up with the Tutorial on making a Mini-Quilt for Beginners. 

I don't think I realised how much work it all is. When making yourself a new quilt, you just get on with it, but when having to document your every move and then take a whole bunch of photos while you're busy, it becomes a whole lot of work. Not horrible work, mind you, I enjoyed every step.

 This is where it all started:
3 fabrics and a Nine Patch which promptly became a Disappearing Nine Patch

 Sewn into rows of 3x3 blocks.

 Our top received a darker and then lighter border around it and it was ready to be quilted.

 All sandwiched up.

I sewed a straight line around our darker border and then a few straight line down the block lines. Nothing too hard or too fancy. 

The bindings were added and "tada" we were finished.....
 On the dining room table - the cats think I made it for them....

This was the "short" of it all, and the "long" can be seen over at The Fine Craft Guild.

Have a good Tuesday.
Its cold and windy here today, so I'm going to curl up on the couch with my daughter and eat hot cross buns. Yum!


Vera said...

Turned out pretty! Congrats on your finish and new tut.

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Fun! Tutorials do take forever:) They are fun, but stopping to get a pic and a good one at that can really drag out the process. Glad people are willing to do them:)